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Belleau Wood 

Aisne France

Corporate Group Management Study 2010. 

British Battles 

  • Romans Saxons and Vikings
  • The Conquest to the C14th
  • Wars of the Roses & the Tudors 
  • The Civil Wars and Restoration of the Stuarts  

Pre C20th European Battles

  • Medieval
  • Hundred Years War 
  • Thirty Years War 
  • The Sun King's Wars
  • Seven Years War 
  • French Revolution Napoleon:
  • Prusia's wars with France and Austria

The Great War 

  • BEF on the Western Front
  • The Aisne
  • The Americans
  • Alsace and Lorraine
  • Galipolli 

The Second World  War 

  • France, Belgium and the Netherlands 1940
  • Sicily and Italy 
  • Normandy 
  • Patton in Lorraine 
  • Operation  Market Garden 
  • The Siegfried line battles
  • The Ardennes 
  • Alsace and the Vosges

Aerial warfare

  • Western Front
  • Battle of Britain 
  • London Blitz
  • Low countries 1940 Normandy
  • Bomber Command Battles
  • The V Weapons

Cold War: 

  • BAOR
  • UK installations and plans

The slide show is from pictures of battlefields I have taken groups to

If there is anywhere you would like to go I am happy to research the  tour for you.