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Guided by people who understand Guns and Gunnery and their impact on war 


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New Tour programme for 2018

We offer tours coverering the centenary battlefields of 1917 and the key First World War battles of the Western Front and the D Day Beaches and landing grounds.  

Gunners on the Western Front:    November 2018 

We will be running a tpour to the battlefields of the First World War over the centenary of the Armistice

Gunners on  D Day - Battlefield Guide Map Available 

You can obtain a unique guide prepared for the British Army which is a guide to the Royal Artillery story of the actions on the D Day Beaches and landing grounds. Details here 

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Tours for groups, battlefield tours, pilgrimage and battlefield studies – ask us for a quote!

Ex Tartan Cassino 19 Regiment RA Battlefield Study October 2016 

Ex Vatican Cypher 1st Regiment RHA Battlefield study focusing on the moral componant June 2016

26 Regiment RA

53 Louisburg Battery

307 Battery South Notts Hussars

59 Battery 2nd Army Training Regiment

1st Artillery Brigade 

40 Field Regiment RA

HQRA 4th Atrmoured Division 

Gunner Tours provides tours  for people interested in artillery on the battlefield.  It is designed for:-

-   Groups seeking to understand the part artillery played in battles throughout history 


- Those  interested in the development of artillery technology and tactics.


- Those seeking to Understand the experience of the men and the few women who served the guns.


Gunner Tours are led by Gunners. Our Guides know how the part played by artillery, its technology and tactics. 

They can bring to life the stories of the guns.

Gunner Tours has been set up to provide battlefield guides and subject matter experts with Gunner expertise to inform visits to Battlefields.  The role of artillery and the experience of gunners is not well understood by the general public, Nor do many  battlefield guides have the expert knowledge to explain gunnery matters .. 

Even in the serving army, many gunners are unaware of the part their predecessors played other than, perhaps, the battle which gave them a battle honour.  As we approach the centenary of the Great War .many people with family or service connections deserve to have the chance to hear the Gunner side of the story..