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The Gunner programme of public tours for 2017 are aimed at any one members of the public interested in visiting battlefields from a gunner point of view. These tours tell the story of the key battles with a focus on the role that the artillery played, and the stories of those who served the guns. 

Around 25% of the British Army of the First World War served in the Royal Field, Garrison or Horse Artillery, and a similar proportion in the Second World War. 



Our tours focus on the experience of the gunners. The best form of Remembrance is to understand what the men and sometimes women did and why. Where practical we will try to allow travellers an opportunity for personal visits to graves or memorials. If our tours do not visit the destinations you seek there are other ways we can help you.

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D Day Beaches and Landing Sites 

6-9 July 2017


A visit over a long weekend to the D Day beaches and landing sites. There is a gunner story on each beach and landing site. We will see the strength of the German defences and see where and how the Gunners helped to overcome them. We will explore the stories of the Gunners who took part, the planners, commanders and soldiers, heroes, poets and those who fell.

We follow the dramatic actions that changed the course of history. We will see where the inspired and imaginative planning helped the allies to land and the cleaver technology and techniques used by the Gunners. We will follow the story of the men who duelled with tanks and aircraft with skill and heroism.

Come and see where the German Gunners fought the longest in Normandy of any of Hitler's Wehrmacht from a gun position described as the “surface of the moon” We will also see the tank battles and .

Find out about the Gunner Heroes on D Day. The story of VC winning Commando Pat Porteous fighting his way across Ouestrehem. Sergeant Palmer who took on German anti tank guns at close range over open sights. The gallant Canadian Major Young who led his guns on foot through sniper fire, and the future Startrek actor James Doohan wounded on Juno beach.

Hear about some of the Gunner generals. “Hatchett Jack” who planned the fire support for D Day; David Currie, killed in action commanding an armoured brigade and Denis Sanders, who served in all three services and led the amphibious Royal Marine Armoured Support Group, before being killed in Action

Find out about the poets. The Second World, war is less well known than the First for its war poetry, but Agustus March Phillips, also described as a model for James Bond and Major John Jarmain who wrote some of the best poetry from the war.


£491 per person sharing single supplement £126

  • Thursday 6th July - Travel to Normandy – Briefing en route by your guide
  • Friday 7th July - British Airborne Landings, Sword and Juno Beaches
  • Saturday 8th July - Gold and Omaha Beach and inland to Bayeux
  • Sunday 9th July -  Return to the UK Return to the UK

Gunners on the Western Front   

9-13 November 2017


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This tour will follow the story of the Royal Regiment of Artillery through the war on the Western Front and visit some of their major battles and actions. The tour will start at Mons, where the first shots were fired, and where the first and last British soldiers killed in the war are buried. We will visit the battlefields of the Somme, Ypres, Cambrai and Arras and visit to the last post ceremony at Ypres in Belgium.

We see where the Guns were served over open sights against the Germans from the fiorst days of the war at Mons and le Cateau and Cam,brai Ypres. Discover the part that artillery played throughout the war; how the gunners could fire barrages within 50 yards of their own advancing troops.

We will follow the stories of Gunners of all ranks. Meet the Gunner Generals; men like the fighting general Henry Tudor who rose from captain to major general, developing innovative tactics. Canadian failed insurance broker and property developer Arthur Currie who rose to command the Canadian Corps and the future Field Marshal Alanbrooke who as a staff officer played an important role at the Somme and Arras.

Find out what a Lieutenant Colonel Brigade Commander did all day and the daily routine of a Forward Observation Officer Gun Numbers and Signallers. Meet Captain Blackadder RGA, and Nobel Prize winner Lieutenant Lawrence Bragg and hear their stories. Discover the poetry of Herbert Asquith, the son of the prime minister and the war service of artists E H Shepherd, who illustrated Winnie the Pooh and Gilbert Holiday.
We will look at actions where Gunners won VC's and other medals, including the first and last Gunner VCs on the Western Front. We will explore the Gunner's experience of the Western Front.


  • Thursday: 9th November - Travel to France, briefing en route by your guide.
  • Friday: 10th November – Ypres and the last Post
  • Saturday 11th November - Arras and Somme 
  • Sunday 12th November - The First and the Last: Remembrance Sunday in Mons and Cambrai
  • Monday13th November - Return to the UK 

£629 per person sharing single supplement £225

Family Research 

We are happy to help relatives, or anyone else interested in finding our more about individuals who served in the Royal Regiment  during the World Wars. .   Gunners. We can support tours by small groups or families, either with a bespoke package or through research and a personalised tour pack with an itinerary and historic notes for travellers to follow.


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