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Thiepval December Morning

Are you trying to visit a battlefield, grave or memorial in an out of the way destination?

Most of Britain’s War dead are buried or commemorated in just three countries Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the war graves and memorials tend to be concentrated in some areas. Battlefields and remembrance travel is like any form of tourism. It is cheaper if you want to travel to where everyone else wants to go. But what of you want to visit places unique to the story that you are following or visit the grave of a relative that isn't on the beaten track? What oif you want to follow the story of someone's war service rather than visit a grave or memorial? 

  • We offer a range of services to help individuals and small groups to travel to a unique destination.
  • We provide high quality research that tells the story of individuals, where they served and fought as well as where they are buried or commemorated. 
  • We can provide a tailored guide which tells the story and of the locations, activities and images that cover the story you want to follow and provides a commemorative record of your visit.
  • We have guides and historians who can accompany pasrt or all of your visit and bring the past to life. 
  • We can advise on travel arrangements and itinerary planning.
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The relatives of  Jim McLaughlin, who served in the Zealand  Cycle Corps in the First World War and  is commemorated on the memorial at Marfaux War Cemetery.  This battle which involved British, French American and Italian troops took place well away from the main battlefields of the BEF. We researched the story of the New Zealand Cyclist Battalion and designed an itinerary that took the family around the sites of the second battle of the Marne and the events of the 23 July in which he fell. One of our French guides accompanied the group.


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The children of a Royal Artillery Officer wanted to trace his path from the Normandy beaches to Belsen Concentration camp where his unit supported the medical services look after the inmates of that camp. A tour operator Spirit of Remembrance contacted us 

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A British Family wanted to visit the grave and battlefield on which their relative, a soldier in the 9th Battalion the Royal Fusiliers fell in September 1944.  The battlefields of the Gothic line are well to the North of the Monte Cassino, the iconic focus for the 1943-44 campaign and centre of commemorations of the war in Italy.   They had a limited budget. We researched the story of the soldier and his unit, and assembled an itinerary,  document pack and historic maps so the family could understand what he and his comrades had done and why they did it, and provided introductions to the Regimental archivist. The family were able to visit the battlefields as well as have copies of a report that would be a legacy for future family historians among their descendants.

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A family wanted to visit the route followed by their relative, a young officer in the Blues and Royals. We researched his route and the story of what had happened to him.  A German unit had counter-attacked the British unit on the extreme right of the British Army at the junction with the French army.  There was some confusion about the identity of the attackers and whether they had used a white flag as a ruse. The resulted was that the battalion gave way and the Germans occupied the trenches.  The young officer was killed trying to rally the British troops and organise a counter attack. A story of a gallant man which was only uncovered through reading the reports of the units around his own.  Our guide met the family near Paris and  took them around the battlefields for a day, following his route and visiting his grave.

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Two former Cavalry officers wanted to visit the battlefields of the First World War. They wanted to visit the sites where their regiment had served in 1914 and provide an introduction to the Western Front ot the son of one of the men, who was about to study history at Oxford.  The Tour operator Spirit of Remembrance asked us to research and guide this tour.


An American couple wanted to visit the sites associated with  the 3rd US Infantry Division, the unit in which he served  in the 1950s, as part of a wider tour of the battlefields of the two world wars.  They would arrive by rail in Basel and depart from Paris. They were accompanied by the British borne widow of an American army officer. Not only did the tour include American battle monuments and cemeteries, but those associated with the Americnas who fought alongside the British and Commonwealth forces. We visited Hill 62 near Ypres where a relative of a work colleague, had died in 1916, as a Canadian Scottish Captain.  Tour operator In the Footsteps contacts us and asked us to undertake this work.