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The 2nd  Battle of the Marne: How America Saved Paris, and the
Turning Point which ended the Great War..

For Christ's sake men—come on! Do you want to live forever?" Sgt Daniel Daly USMC, (double Congressional Medal of Honor winner) at Belleau Wood July 1918

At the beginning of 1918, Germany was winning the Great War. Imperial Russia was knocked out of the war and in revolt at home. On the Western Front in 1917 the French Army had mutinied in the spring while the British had been ground down in Flanders. America had joined the war in March 1917, but the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) had yet to be deployed. In the Spring of 1918 Germany brought a million fresh soldiers from the East with the intention of securing victory before the Americans could stop them. A series of hammer blows ruptured the British and French lines. In March, on the Somme; in April in Flanders and in March and June on the Aisne. In three months the Germans broke the stalemate of trench warfare on the Western Front and taken tens of thousands of prisoners By the end of June they had reached Château Thierry, 40 miles from Paris. But, by now the AEF was arriving in some numbers. This tour is the story of what happened at the places where American Forces turned the tide in 1918 and ended the Great War.

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Preserved battlefield of Belleau Wood

Sample Itinerary

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Battle of Belleau Wood 

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Chateau Thierry Memorial 

  • Visit the Great War Museum at Meaux to
  • understand why and how the war was fought,
    and the superb collection of US memorabilia.
  • Visit the majestic Château Thierry American
    memorial and hear the story of the AEF.
  • Visit the medieval town of Château Thierry
    and see where the US Army stopped the
  •  Find out about the contribution made by
    Americans fighting for the allied cause and the war in the air. 
  • Hear the story of Theodore Roosevelt's sons and see the
    remains p[reserved as Quinton Roosevelt' aircraft
  • Visit the preserved battlefield of Belleau Wood.
    Follow in the footsteps of the US Marines in
    their legendary fight. 
  • Hear the stories of the heroes including Sgt Donald Daly awarded the Navy Cross for his gallantry that day.
  • Visit the German military cemetery at Belleau
  • Visit Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and
    Memorial south of Belleau Wood.

One day excursion starting from Paris with a stop for a packed lunch or snack meal.