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The aim of this service is to support communities which would like to commemorate the Centenary of the Great War by:

  • Researching those who served, and fell in the Great War.
  • Making a pilgrimage to visit the battlefields, graves and memorials to those who fell.
  • Provide a lasting legacy of how the Great War was seen after a century.


We seek guides who will::

  • Research the names on a war memorial finding out:-
  • what happened to the soldiers,
  • where they are buried or commemorated 
  • Recommend an interary to visit their graves on the West front
  • Guide the tour and act as tour manager
  • Provide research notes to the author of the commemorative book 
  • Work as a supplier to the tour operator and conform to such instructions as required 

This will be a chance to guide tours and help a community.  There will be an opportunity to write military history.

What we can Offer Tour Operators

We are keen to talk to Tour Operators williung to promote the services and provide the packaged travel services 

The Tour Operator has the following constraints
No attempt to solicit business from the MBM contracted services touring, merchandising or publishing.

Tour Operators will want to do this because:-
Its a chance to service Great war business with minimal outlay on investment in military historians and maintaining a battlefield travel website etc.
It protects them from customers shopping around for the cheapest package.
Financial reward and the opportunity to build a revenue stream.